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Telephone lines




Our VoIP Phone Lines are a premier high quality telecommunications connectivity solution to traditional “telco” fixed line services.

VoIP is an abbreviation for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP Telephone Lines uses VoIP technology to provide a telephone service for your phone lines over a Fibre, LTE or Wireless internet connection.

Our VoIP Phone System Telephone Lines are an alternative high quality telephone line solution to Telkom copper lines that get stolen or are not working.

What are the main business advantages of our VoIP Telephone Lines?

Our VoIP Telephone Lines give a business the ability to reduce high phone bills by as much as 45%.

Who are our VoIP Telephone Lines for?

Do you loose your existing Telkom numbers when changing over to our VoIP Telephone Lines?

No, we port your existing Telkom numbers over to your new telephone lines – this means you then keep your same Telkom telephone numbers for life, no matter where you relocate to in South Africa.

What are the business benefits of our VoIP Telephone Lines?

What is the telephone line rental & installation price comparison?

Our VoIP Telephone Lines allow you to take control of your telephone costs with our discounted line rental.

R262.28 per month

R16.05 per line

R8.64 per line

R638.55 per line

R159.95 per month

R0.00 Hunting is FREE with our lines

R0.00 CLI is FREE with our lines

R0.00 Installation is FREE if installed with one of our Phone Systems

What is the phone call price comparison?

Our VoIP Telephone Lines allow you to take control of your telephone call expenditure with our discounted phone call rates.

You save even more with our telephone calls because our calls are billed per second. This means that you only pay for the actual amount of seconds you speak for and not for the full minute.

All pricing is exclusive of VAT.

What features do you get with our VoIP Telephone Lines?

If you would like to know more about our VoIP Telephone Lines, you can download our product brochure here:

If you would like to see exactly how much you could be saving on your current phone bill each month, you can send an email to:

Please attach a copy of your latest phone bill to your email. One of our sales consultants will then work out a costing comparison for you.

If you would like to place an order, please complete the order form below this section.

VoIP telephone line order form

The information you provide on this form will assist us to process your order as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Please try and give us as much accurate information as possible.

Please complete all sections.

Once done click the submit button at the bottom of the page.